How to Make Money From My Phone: 15 Credible Ways

Do you want to make money from your phone? Put your phone to work and start earning from the comfort of your own bed! I know that many of you, just spend all day scrolling …

Do you want to make money from your phone? Put your phone to work and start earning from the comfort of your own bed!

I know that many of you, just spend all day scrolling through their phones. Why not use that phone to earn some extra bucks.

These days, a smartphone is the easiest way to earn money online at home.

You will not be millionaires by just using their phones. But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to make money fast from your phone quickly by leveraging a few apps and getting in some side hustles.

So here are the 15 credible ways to earn money at home from a phone with a click.

1. Playing Exciting Games

You can earn money online by downloading apps that reward you for playing games that you play daily. You can play on most popular gaming platform eSports, online slot machine games or online poker games.

Note: “But you have to make sure that you are aware of gambling regulations for some of the games”.

How to Make Money From My Phone: 15 Credible Ways

2. Watching Videos

Why waste time watching videos for free when you can get paid for it?

It is one of the simplest ways to earn money online for free, Where you have to download an app like Swagbucks or IndoxDollars, that will reward you with cash or in points for watching videos and later you can withdraw them in your bank account.

3. Sell Your Selected Data

It refers to the practice of individuals or companies selling their personal or business data to third-party companies, typically for marketing or research purposes.

So if you don’t mind letting companies learn about your browsing activity through your data then it can be one of the money making ideas at home.

For example- Nielsen is a reputable company that provides users up to $50 in reward points per year, and monthly entries up to $10,000 giveaways and tokens to play online scratch games.

Note: But be aware of privacy, as some companies may use your data to track you. So be aware and choose wisely what data you want to share.

4. Selling Your Extra Stuff

Selling your extra stuff is a fantastic way to clear out the clutter in your home and earn some extra cash.

We all have items we don’t use anymore, whether it’s clothing, gadgets, furniture, or other things that are just taking up space.

But instead of throwing them away, why not sell them to someone who can make better use of them?

There are plenty of online marketplaces and apps that make it easy to connect with buyers who are interested in what you’re selling.

You can also sell them at your nearest Thrift stores and get money in exchange of those clothes.

How to Make Money From My Phone: 15 Credible Ways

5. Complete Surveys

Completing surveys is a fun and rewarding way to make money fast. These days, many companies and organizations are investing heavily in research and development,

so they want to get feedback from people like you to fill out their loopholes, so they’re willing to pay for your opinions and feedback.

That means you get to share your thoughts on all sorts of topics and get paid for it! With online survey platforms, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

You can use apps like Survey Junkie to complete surveys within minutes. Every time you will survey, you will be paid.

6. User Testing: Test Websites & Earn Money

User Testing is the best method used by companies to improve the user experience of their websites and apps.

You as a User-Tester, will be paid for testing these platforms and provide feedback on their usability, design and functionality.

It’s a great opportunity to earn some extra bucks from the comfort of your own home, and it doesn’t require any skills or experience.

How to Make Money From My Phone: 15 Credible Ways

7. Take Pictures And Videos

With the growing demand for stock videos and pictures, you can earn money from your phone just by clicking some high quality pictures and shoot some high quality videos that people are willing to pay for it.

You can upload the pictures and videos on platforms like Shutterstock and Dreamstime, and if any someone will purchase that picture, your sale will split with Shutterstock and Dreamstime.

8. Earn Rewards For Walking

It can sound funny that you can be paid for your steps? But it is possible. Let’s check it how.

One of the popular app called Sweatcoin allow its users to track their steps and convert those steps into sweatcoins.

If you want to redeem them, you can redeem them for products such as shoes or electronics, donate to a charity of your choice or convert them into SWEAT– a new cryptocurrency that this app has launched.

9. Answer The Questions

Got brains? Get paid! Share your knowledge and turn it into cash!

Apps like JustAnswer allow people with high level of knowledge in any field can earn money online just by answering specific questions about their expertise.

One of the best advantage of this app is that you can choose your preferred hours and choose which questions to answer of your choice.

If you are an expert in your desired field then you can earn money in days for upto $2000 and $7000.

How to Make Money From My Phone: 15 Credible Ways

10. Make Interesting Gigs On Your Expertise.

Are you someone who has a passion or skill that they truly excel at? If so, have you ever thought about making some extra cash by sharing your expertise with others?

By creating interesting gigs on freelancing platforms such as Instacart, Doordash and Fiverr, you can post Gigs in different areas, like delivering food, digital marketing, dog walking and much more. You can choose gigs based on your availability and skills.

11. Complete Secret Shopping Tasks

Have you ever thought that you can earn thousands of dollars just by completing some secret shopping tasks? I think a lot of you had, but didn’t find a direction to earn.

There are many Apps like Gigwalk and Field Agent which have various secret shopping tasks in form of a quiz or descriptive questions and answers for you and anyone can complete them, no technical skills required.

Some tasks may include tasks such as taking photos of a product, checking prices of a particular product or just leaving reviews for a particular product.

12. Become Customer Service Agent

Becoming a customer service agent can be a great way to earn money online .

This will also enhance your communication and problem-solving skills. However, it also might require additional resources, such as a computer, separate phone line or anything else that a company requires.

One of the advantage is that you can also become a customer service agent you can choose your schedule that suits you offered by the company.

Make money in days

13. Teach Different Languages To People

If you speak different languages and you have expertise in a particular language then there are many online platforms which allows you to teach different languages to people.

Some of the popular websites are Verbling and iTalki. You can choose your rates within certain limits, and tutor have potential to turn that gig into a full time income.

14. Earn Cashback While Shopping Online- Make Money From Your Phone

Shop ’til you drop, then earn some cashback to make your wallet pop!

Many apps like Rakuten or iBotta will let you receive cashback anytime you will shop.

Each functions differently, where some might link to your payment card and other might ask you to upload receipts and answer questions about your shopping trip.

Regardless, they will help you to save some dough. Get cashback and watch your bank account grow!

15. Invest With Apps

If you want your money to grow regularly for long term, then it is one of the best long term way to make money from your phone just by using investment apps like E-Trade and Fidelity.

Spire will help you to invest and learn about financial topics along the way. But you will be needing to invest some capital to start with, so it is not a quick-rich option.


There are tons of apps out there that you can use to earn extra cash or even start a new career just from your phone.

The first step to making money on your phone is to do some research. Figure out which of the way will be the best fit for you that suits your needs, skills and knowledge.

But be careful! Some apps might ask for personal information or even require you to invest money upfront.

Make sure you’re choosing a reputable company to work with so you don’t get scammed.

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