Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman might have just hinted at Taylor Swift's MCU debut during a Chiefs Game with Travis Kelce.

All eyes are on Deadpool 3 and its star-studded cast, including the rumored addition of Taylor Swift with sound-based superpowers.

Speculation surrounds Swift's role as Dazzler, capable of transforming sound into light and energy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman spotted supporting Travis Kelce at a Chiefs Game, fueling rumors of their collaboration in Deadpool 3.

While it could be friendship, fans suspect Reynolds, Jackman, and Swift's presence together hints at their involvement in the movie.

Adding to the intrigue, Taylor Swift's rumored romance with Travis Kelce adds an extra layer of curiosity to this Hollywood puzzle.

The internet buzzes with theories about Taylor Swift's MCU debut, as fans eagerly await official confirmation.

Taylor Swift's consistent support for Travis Kelce at games hints at a possible connection to her role in Deadpool 3.

As the mystery unravels, stay tuned for more information on Taylor Swift's rumored entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With Deadpool 3's intriguing ensemble and unexpected revelations, the Marvel universe is in for an exciting and star-studded adventure.