Paul Staehle's Disturbing Disappearance

Concerns rise as 90 Day Fiancé star vanishes mysteriously.

Troubling Texts Raise Alarm

Paul's distressing messages spark worry among family and fans

Turbulent Relationship History

Domestic abuse shadows Paul and Karine's tumultuous love story

Brazilian Disappearance Mystery

Paul goes missing in Brazil; no contact since August 31

Karine's Heartfelt Plea

Emotional Instagram posts seek prayers for Paul's safe return

Desperate Texts Revealed

Screenshots show Paul's distress as he gets lost in Amazon

Recurring Disappearances

Paul's second mysterious vanishing sparks concern and investigation.

Custody Battles Amid Abuse

Paul and Karine's abusive past leads to custody challenges.

Speculation About Karine's Future

Hints of a potential pregnancy amid Paul's disappearance

Support Amid Uncertainty

We offer support, hope, and awareness for domestic violence victims.