Remembering Jimmy Buffett

Iconic island musician, Jimmy Buffett, passes away at 76.

Parrot Heads' Folk Hero

Buffett, beloved by Parrot Heads, was a musical folk hero.

Embracing Island Lifestyle

Buffett's life in the Caribbean and Key West, Florida.

Buffett's Passing

Jimmy Buffett's peaceful passing on September 1, 2023.

Gulf and Western Fusion

His music blended twang with island themes - "Gulf and Western."

Musical Journey

Explore Buffett's music, from ballads to up-tempo hits.

Beyond Music: Buffett's Brand

Buffett's empire: restaurants, hotels, and more, amassing great fortune.

Multifaceted Talent

Musician, author, and shrewd entrepreneur - Buffett's $1 billion net worth.

Shifting Lifestyle

From hedonism to balance - Buffett's evolving life.

Enduring Influence

Buffett's lasting legacy in music, entertainment, and island escapism.