Clemson's Season Opener Upset

Clemson's 2023 season starts with an unexpected loss to Duke.

Duke Ends Clemson's Win Streak

Duke defeats Clemson, ending a five-game win streak over them.

Unbalanced Debut for New Offense

Clemson's new offense struggles under Cade Klubnik and coordinator Garrett Riley.

Red Zone Failures Hurt Clemson

Clemson fumbles twice in the red zone, hindering scoring opportunities.

Defense Keeps Clemson in the Game

Clemson's defense battles but faces challenges against Duke's dual-threat quarterback.

Duke's Ground Game Dominates

All three of Duke's touchdowns come from their ground game.

Special Teams Impact

Clemson's special teams contribute with a touchdown but also face issues.

Costly Field Goal Blocks

Duke blocks two field goal attempts by Clemson, affecting the score.

Promising Moments Amidst Loss

Despite the defeat, there were some bright spots for Clemson.

Clemson Looks to Bounce Back

Clemson aims to regroup after a challenging season opener against Duke.