McConnell's Health Evaluation

Capitol physician finds no evidence of McConnell's seizure disorder or stroke.

Recent Health Scares

McConnell evaluated by neurologists after two public health scares.

Medical Assessments

Neurologists conducted brain MRI and EEG tests on McConnell.

Physician's Verdict

Capitol physician Monahan: No seizure disorder or stroke detected.

McConnell's Response

McConnell assures August was productive amid health concerns.

Senate Leadership Support

GOP senators express support for McConnell's leadership despite health questions.

Uncertainty Lingers

Growing speculation about McConnell's future leadership in the next Congress

Mixed Senator Opinions

Senators split on whether McConnell's health will impact his duties.

Dehydration Diagnosis

Some senators find the dehydration explanation inadequate.

Conference Meeting Awaited

McConnell's fate as leader uncertain, awaiting full conference meeting.