Devastating Haiti Earthquake 2023: Tragedy Strikes Again!

In the serene landscape of Western Haiti, where sun-kissed hills meet azure skies, a calamity struck that would etch its mark on history. The ground beneath this idyllic region began to convulse, releasing a deafening …

haiti earthquake
haiti earthquake

In the serene landscape of Western Haiti, where sun-kissed hills meet azure skies, a calamity struck that would etch its mark on history. The ground beneath this idyllic region began to convulse, releasing a deafening roar. Homes and businesses swayed in unison as if dancing to an otherworldly rhythm.

As Haiti Earthquake was caused, Panic gripped the hearts of residents, yet amidst the chaos, a remarkable spirit of resilience emerged. Strangers transformed into pillars of support, lending helping hands to rescue those trapped amidst the rubble. This is the gripping account of how a devastating earthquake united the people of Western Haiti, reminding the world of the indomitable human spirit.

What is the Magnitude of the Haiti Earthquake?

You might be thinking that what is the magnitude of the Haiti earthquake? Let me tell you.

A 4.9-magnitude earthquake struck western Haiti on Tuesday 7 June 2023, leaving so many people dead and wounded as stated by the United States authorities. Since yesterday, the Haiti earthquake death toll has reached 3 people who are left dead and wounded along with 36 other people living in Western Haiti, United States.

This earthquake struck before dawn near the southwestern coastal city of Jeremie at a depth of 10km, as per the US Geological Survey.

As the statement given by one of the World Food Programme Official “Eric Mpitabakana” in Jeremie, he told that the earthquake was so dangerous that he thought that the whole house will fall upon him!

Christine Monquele, head of the civil protection agency in Grand’Anse, told that until now three deaths have been recorded so far under a collapsed house and rescuers are searching for more people in that house. There is nothing to confirm yet, whether more people are stuck in that house or not!

Not only adults but several school-going children have also been hospitalized with injuries they got after they ran and got panic. Rescue operation is still underway and there are many more people who are still in the hope to see their loved ones and the sun once again. A very sad moment for the whole world!

As per the reports, several countries are ready to send aid or rescue teams to the USA to speed up the operation and save many lives. A crowd of people gathered around one home that collapsed as they tried to search for survivors in that situation.

This is not the first time that Haiti has experienced an earthquake, 13 years back in 2010, a 7.9-magnitude Haiti earthquake has taken 2,200 lives along with it and caused major destruction in the whole of Haiti. It is believed that now Haiti is becoming an epicenter of earthquakes.

Haiti is also experiencing heavy rainfall, floods, and landslides in a Caribbean sea of Haiti leaving 15 people killed, 7000 families affected and several still missing and hoping to meet their loved ones as per the latest tweet on Twitter.

“Everyone ran outside with their children, their babies,” a survivor said. “There were some houses that collapsed.”

Haiti is not able to recover from the devastating 2010 7.9-magnitude earthquake, since then Haiti is struggling to meet the basic needs of its 5.2 million population as per the report published by United Nations.

As per the statement given by Jean-Martin Bauer, “I am worried by this situation at a time when the Haitian population is already highly vulnerable and the destruction caused by Haiti earthquake.”

This disaster has also increased Gang violence across the country, and hunger is widespread as the whole of Haiti is affected by floods, landslides, and this earthquake. Violence has escalated because of a major reason, that is after the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

Let’s pray for the rebuilding of the nation, wealth, and health of the nation and hope that it recovers soon and the lost ones can be found.

Frequently Asked Questions

what time did the Haiti earthquake happen?

The earthquake shook the whole country on 7th June 2023 at a magnitude of 4.9 leading to massive destruction in Haiti, United States,

how many died in the Haiti earthquake?

As per the authorities, 3 people have been found dead and 36 people are injured. This death toll is increasing as the rescue operation is carried out.

what was the magnitude of the Haiti earthquake?

Haiti earthquake was of 4.9-magnitude, which appeared to be a smaller earthquake, but as per scientists, it is considered a bigger earthquake after the 2010, 7.9-magnitude earthquake.

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